Universitas Mahakarya Asia Alumni Testimony

A few of the thousands of alumni thanks to Universitas Mahakarya Asia

  • Branch Operational Supervisor BRI Syariah

I am Lilis Karlina alumni of Mahakarya Asia 2014, I am currently working at BRI Syariah Baturaja as a Branch Operational Supervisor. Thank you to Mr. / Mrs. Lecturer who has given his knowledge to me. UNMAHA Local Campus, Global Quality

  • Administration Service Staff of PT. PLN Persero

Thanks to the knowledge that I have gained so far can be useful in my workplace. Hopefully in the future, Mahakarya Asia students will always excel in academic and non-academic achievement.

Yolanda Agatha
  • Owner Salad Nyoo

Thank you Universitas Mahakarya Asia, because in this place I met many friends who has the same vision and mission, as well as who formed my mental as an entrepreneur.
May the success always and create more new entrepreneurs, amen.

  • Gojek Indonesia

Thanks to the knowledge I got from the Mahakarya Asia campus, I now work in one of the largest technology companies of the Indonesia youth work

  • Generalist Funding Bank Mandiri

Alhamdulillah after I graduated from the Universitas Mahakarya Asia, I got experience and science that is very useful.

  • Customer Service @FIF Group

Thanks to computer science from Mahakarya Asia, so, I was able to study while working in the FIF Group Customer Service section

  • Head of Adm. Register and Remand Center Maintenace Class I Palembang

Alhamdulillah, thanks to computer science that I obtained while studying at the Universitas Mahakarya Asia, now I can apply in my workplace.

  • PT. Pertamina Staff

I currently work at PT. Pertamina. Alhamdulillah, the knowledge I got at Universitas Mahakarya Asia have been useful in my work. Hopefully in the future remain victorious.

Kireina Dewi Sandita
  • Make up Artist @kireinawilliam - founder @ngulu.yk

From a violinist in the orchestra, I chose to study at the Universitas Mahakarya Asia, because I dreamt to be an entrepreneur. I gained a lot of knowledge and network during my college and accompanied by lecturers who became mentors. Thank you Mahakarya. My success is because of you.

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