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Providing Opportunities to Face a Changing World

  • Assalamualaikum Wr. Wb. Shalom. Om Swasiastu. Nammo Budaya. Salam Kebajikan

    We are in the era of the 4.0 Industrial Revolution, with all the consequences. The world is increasingly unpredictable and unpredictable, experts call it VUCA. In 2019, no one can predict that in 2020 we will face COVID-19. The economy has stopped rotating, layoffs are everywhere, and like it or not, humanity is forced to change.

    Then, let’s talk about universities as a medium for producing the workforce and entrepreneurs. It is common knowledge, that what is taught on campus is not following what is found in the real world. Why is that? In our opinion, because theory usually is left behind compared to innovation.

    Being a university is not wrong, but being a university that does not keep up with the changing world is wrong. The world changes rapidly because of the innovations that appear every day. For that, there needs to be an integration between academics and practitioners, innovators, and professionals. There must be a bond between practice in the field and theory and frame of mind.

    At the Asian Masterpiece University, we have 3 differentiators:

    The majority of teachers are practitioners, innovators, and professionals

    So that what is taught can be balanced between theory and reality in the field. Want to learn to invest, for example? We have one of the fund managers who manage $4 billion teachings at us.

    Curriculum created in conjunction with industry, experts, and entrepreneurs

    Our curriculum is co-creation with top companies, experts, business communities, and practitioners. To ensure that what is learned corresponds to what will be encountered in the real world.

    The remote technology-based education system

    Right now, millennials and Gen-Z are questioning: Which is better, can money or college? We chose to answer: both. Both can be achieved if the learning system is no longer tied to space and time. So that students can actualize themselves while still attending lectures. New normal makes us fluent in online classes, video-on-demand lectures, and online discussions

    We bring together experts in the industry, to achieve a mission. Allowing our students to fight and be equal, in the face of this changing age.

Ferro Ferizka Aryananda, M.Sc., MBA

Rector of Universitas Mahakarya Asia


Ustadz Yusuf Mansur

Co-Founder Universitas Mahakarya Asia Ketua Dewan Pembina YCIS

Putu Putrayasa

Co-Founder Universitas Mahakarya Asia Dirut PT. Media Bernas Jogja. Peraih Rekor MURI Pendiri Perguruan tinggi termuda

Dharma Setiawan, MBA

Co-Founder Universitas Mahakarya Asia Ketua Yayasan Cendekia Indonesia Sleman

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