Student Activity Unit

We are very concerned about the development of our students, therefore Universitas Mahakarya Asia maximizes the time of the students to develop interests, talents and soft skills to support their future success

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Student Activity Unit
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English Club

Equipping students with active English skills to face competition in the world of work and industry

Internet Marketing

Utilizing information technology to start a business with very affordable capital


Healthy body and soul to become an ace student. We train and participate in various competitions

Event Organizer (EO)

Practice managing various events, ranging from small to large ones in Jogja Expo Center and other locations. Train communication, management, finance and network expanding skills


Practicing music and acting in various events such as performing on JogjaTV in Jogja Music Nation

Student Association for Environmental and Adventure Activity

Realizing the love of nature with a variety of positive activities such as mountain climbing, cleaning rivers, and planting trees.

Table Tennis

Practice agility in playing table tennis and joining competitions

Student Association

Conducting research and research on the field of science


Improve fitness by playing badminton regularly

Lembaga Dakwah Kampus (LDK)

Learn Islam in an organization

Martial Arts

One of the original sports of Indonesia that we must preserve.


Make yourself look healthier and cooler


We train and join competition

Chance of success at young age!