Symbol Meaning

The symbol of the Universitas Mahakarya Asia is inspired by the strong character of the Anser indicus bird (Bar-headed Goose), the shield of a sturdy warrior, and a brightly lit flame

Anser Indicus bird
( Bar-headed Goose)

• Asian Icon: this bird lives in Asia (which we have the name, Mahakarya Asia)

Anser indiscus bird is a long-range aviator, it is capable of flying up to 5,000 KM non-stop.

• Fly-in extreme conditions, even without oxygen. This bird is very brave and a true fighter

• Consistent even if not the fastest aviator. It is a consistent aviator and efficiently uses its power.

• Durable and able to withstand all conditions. It is able to penetrate the hot tropical air to the cold top of
The Himalayas.

• Ambitious, highly eager to fly up to an altitude of 7000 Meters

• Self-contained, able to fly without wind assistance. Means
It really wears the flapping power of his wings

The Shield of a Sturdy Warrior

Character instilled in every civitas academia in order to have a strong heart, soul, and body to face all challenges

A Brightly Lit Flame

The spirit to continue to spread benefits through education, research and devotion (Three Pillars of Higher Education). Always spirited and optimistic in living life.