Fair and Equitable Education for Indonesian Youth

Indonesia is a very rich country and full of optimism. We know together, that this beloved country has a huge demographic bonus. They’re young people. However, the challenge is how to create young people who are able to take chances and face challenges.

Therefore, Universitas Mahakarya Asia presents a solution to build young Indonesians who are able to compete in the digital, courageous, and independent era. Universitas Mahakarya is the merger of three campuses
AMIK AKMI Baturaja, STIEBBANK Yogyakarta and AKPAR Buana Wisata Yogyakarta.

Universitas Mahakarya Asia provides opportunities for young people from all over the country to achieve their dreams and network nationally to global. Whoever and wherever you are, no matter the difference, we will move forward together towards success.

Because we believe that every child of the nation has the same right to get the best education.

Campus History

Check out the journey of each Universitas Mahakarya Asia campus through the following website links

AMIK AKMI Baturaja

Lihat Sejarah

STIEBBANK Yogyakarta

Lihat Sejarah

AKPAR Buana Wisata Yogyakarta

Lihat Sejarah

Chance of success at young age!


Kampus Yogyakarta
Jl. Magelang No.Km.8, Mlati Glondong,
Sendangadi, Kec. Mlati, Kabupaten Sleman,
Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta 55285

Kampus Baturaja
Jl. Jendral A. Yani No.0267 A, Tanjung Baru,
Baturaja TimurKab. Ogan Komering Ulu,
Sumatera Selatan

Kampus Jakarta
Apartemen Kalibata City Tower Sakura Lantai I
Jalan Raya Kalibata City, Kec. Pancoran
Kota Jakarta Selatan