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Student and Alumni

New Class Begins IN 2021

Chance of success at young age!


The Opportunity To Be The Winner

You will get a new learning experience at Mahakarya Asia. Learn from practitioners and innovators who have proven successful in their fields. We will allow you to get closer to your dreams. Whoever you are, wherever you are from. No matter your current state. This is the time for you to change. Achieve your dream now because the opportunity will not come twice.

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More Information

Alumni of Universitas
Mahakarya Asia

I'm so happy and grateful that i was studying at Universitas Mahakarya Asia, especially at the Information System Program. I'm learning from the most competent lecturers. The learning environment is really comfortable for me so the learning is so exciting.

Sarah Amalia

Adm.License Pilot PT. Citilink Indonesia

Thank you Universitas Mahakarya Asia, currently i'm working in a one of the unicorn startup in Indonesia.

Trisna Hardianto

@Gojek Indonesia

Alhamdulillah, the knowledge that i've gained while studying at Universitas Mahakarya Asia can be applied in my current workplace. Thank you Mahakarya Asia!

Yoshar Yuliazar, A.Md ., S.H., M.Kom

Kasi Register Adm. & Perawatan Rutan Kelas I Palembang

Hi, i'm Lilis Karlina, Mahakarya Asia class of 2014. Currently i'm working at BRI Syariah Baturaja as Branch Operational Supervisor. Thank you to all lecturers, because of your humility, kindness, and all of the thoughtful knowledge. UNMAHA, Local Campus with Global Quality

Lilis Karlina, A.Md

Branch Operational Supervisor BRI Syariah

Alhamdulillah, after graduating from Universitas Mahakarya Asia, I'm learning a lot of knowledge that is useful for me now.

M Aldo Fehardian Husin, A.md

Generalist Funding Bank Mandiri

Currently i'm working at PT Pertamina, a Fortune 500 company in Indonesia. Every knowledge that i've gained at Universitas Mahakarya Asia can be applied to the place i'm working now. I hope Unmaha is always victorious.

Muh. Faisal Arwan

Pegawai PT. Pertamina

Because of every knowledge that i've gained from this university, I can apply it to my current workplace. I hope that Universitas Mahakarya Asia is always excellent in academic and non-academic.

Dian Novita Rini

Staf Pelayanan Administrasi PT. PLN Persero

Because of the computer science knowledge from Universitas Mahakarya Asia, I can work in the Customer Service division at one of the largest financing group in Indonesia

Dina Ismalia

Customer Service @FIF Group

Berkat ilmu yang saya dapat dari kampus Mahakarya Asia, sekarang saya bekerja di salah satu perusahaan teknologi terbesar karya anak bangsa

Trisna Hardianto

@Gojek Indonesia

Alhamdulillah berkat ilmu komputer yang saya peroleh saat kuliah di Mahakarya Asia kini saya dapat terapkan ditempat saya bekerja

Yoshar Yuliazar, A.Md ., S.H., M.Kom

Kasi Register Adm. & Perawatan Rutan Kelas I Palembang

Saat ini saya bekerja di BRI Syariah sebagai Branch Operational Supervisor. Terimakasih Mahakarya Asia, Kampus Lokal Kualitas Global

Lilis Karlina, A.Md

Branch Operational Supervisor BRI Syariah

Alhamdulillah setelah saya lulus dari Mahakarya Asia , saya mendapat pengalaman dan ilmu yang sangat berguna. Alhamdulillah saya sekarang bekerja di Bank Mandiri Palembang

M Aldo Fehardian Husin, A.md

Generalist Funding Bank Mandiri

Saat ini saya bekerja di PT Pertamina. Alhamdulillah ilmu yang saya dapatkan di Mahakarya Asia selama ini dapat berguna ditempat saya bekerja.

Muh. Faisal Arwan

Pegawai PT. Pertamina

Ilmu yang saya dapatkan selama ini berguna di tempat saya bekerja. Saya berharap semoga kedepannya mahasiswa Mahakarya selalu unggul dalam prestasi.

Dian Novita Rini

Staf Pelayanan Administrasi PT. PLN Persero

Berkat ilmu komputer dari Mahakarya Asia saya bisa kuliah sambil bekerja di bagian Customer Service FIF Group

Dina Ismalia

Customer Service @FIF Group

Our Alumni Work at

Why Universitas Mahakarya Asia?

based on Big Data

You have an opportunity to be anything you want as long as the profession is needed in this 21st century and in the digital era like today.


You have plenty of chances of getting a scholarship at Mahakarya Asia. So, stay enthusiastic and optimistic


A long-life learning experience, adjusted with student’s/alumni’s interest by utilizing a digital learning platform (Always On)


As much as 90% of our lecturers are practitioners and innovators in their own field. So, you will get the theory to practice and up-to-date knowledge.


The curriculum is designed to be relevant to the need of the Industry. When you graduate, it will be easier for you to adapt to the workplace or business environment


Study with Scholarships
and get closer to your dream

I'm happy studying at Mahakarya Asia since I'm getting a lot of motivation from the lecturers. I want to work in a cruise ships company or in a 5 stars hotel.


Hospitality Student

Studying at Mahakarya Asia widening my knowledge in Business, not only the theoretical but also in practical knowledge is also prioritized. The lecturers are also kind and helpful when it comes to guidance and instructions.


Management Student

Learning and trying is not an instant process, it needs courage and strong will. Mahakarya Asia is the best choice to achieve those.

Maria Deti Weni

Hospitality Student, 8-Semester Full Scholarship Awardee

Mahakarya Asia is cool. Lots of knowledge that is not in the other campuses.

Fikri Hambali

Management Student. 8-Semester Full Scholarship Awardee

I'm very grateful that I can studying at Mahakarya Asia. The tuition is affordable and there is a lot of knowledge that I can gain here.

Utary Erika Putri

Informatics Management Diploma Student

Our Response to Covid-19

Universitas Mahakarya Asia applies the Health Protocols for all activities according to the government’s applicable regulations and has coordinated with various related parties. So, you can still study safely and comfortably.


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