Symbol Meaning

Symbol Meaning

The symbol of the Universitas Mahakarya Asia is inspired by the strong character of the Anser indicus bird (Bar-headed Goose), the shield of a sturdy warrior, and a brightly lit flame

Anser Indicus bird
( Bar-headed Goose)


• Asian Icon: this bird lives in Asia (which we have the name, Mahakarya Asia)

Anser indiscus bird is a long-range aviator, it is capable of flying up to 5,000 KM non-stop.

• Fly-in extreme conditions, even without oxygen. This bird is very brave and a true fighter

• Consistent even if not the fastest aviator. It is a consistent aviator and efficiently uses its power.

• Durable and able to withstand all conditions. It is able to penetrate the hot tropical air to the cold top of
The Himalayas.

• Ambitious, highly eager to fly up to an altitude of 7000 Meters

• Self-contained, able to fly without wind assistance. Means
It really wears the flapping power of his wings

The Shield of a Sturdy Warrior


Character instilled in every civitas academia in order to have a strong heart, soul, and body to face all challenges

A Brightly Lit Flame


The spirit to continue to spread benefits through education, research and devotion (Three Pillars of Higher Education). Always spirited and optimistic in living life.

Kampus Yogyakarta
Jl. Magelang No.Km.8, Mlati Glondong,
Sendangadi, Kec. Mlati, Kabupaten Sleman,
Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta 55285

Kampus Baturaja
Jl. Jendral A. Yani No.0267 A, Tanjung Baru,
Baturaja TimurKab. Ogan Komering Ulu,
Sumatera Selatan

Kampus Jakarta
Apartemen Kalibata City Tower Sakura Lantai I
Jalan Raya Kalibata City, Kec. Pancoran
Kota Jakarta Selatan